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 Yellow Pages Reviews Rating
  • Posted bygini77 on 08/17/2009

I had the pleasure of enjoying the ribs. The ribs are smoked to perfection. I enjoyed them naked (without sauce) with just a dip in the delicious sauce because I love the pure smoked flavor.

5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Posted bykotk-54 on 08/16/2009

That's what you should bring wth you to Lady Louisa's. Great comfort food. Will remind you of all the "Holiday Dinners" you had when you were a child. Greens, Mac and Cheese, Blackeyes, and oh yes, Peach Cobler. Great ambiance as well. Primarily carry-out, but you'll want to stay and eat. Good music, nice art work, comfortable seating.

5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Outstanding Experience!
  • Posted by hfranklin on 08/14/2009
I had the opportunity to experience Lady Louisa's cuisine during it's inaugural opening week. The food was outstanding - just like my southern mother's home cooking, with a wider selection. It can only get better with time. I 'highly' recommend it as a dining choice if you have a unique relationship with 'soul food'.
5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Just Like Grandma's
  • Posted bybjpattonon 08/11/2009
If you want great comfort food that will take you back to your Grandmother's kitchen, then Lady Louisa's is the place for you--excellent food, large portions, and economical. One warning: Don't go if you are not prepared to be tempted!! I had a hard time making a decision, because everything was appealing!!! My choice of meatloaf, macaroni & cheese, greens, black-eyed peas and peach cobbler, sent me for a nap once I was done!! Sweet dreams, everyone!!

5 Star Review for Lady Louisa! Reviews Rating
  • Posted Lola D. on 2/4/2012

It's an awesome hole in the wall. Fried turkey wings, yum, yum, yum. Good soul food, sides are good, portions are great, prices are good. What else do you need? You don''t like the decor inside? Take it to go-problem solved.

5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Posted Johnny L on 12/20/2011

Good barbecue and good service!

Lady Louisa's is run by some of the nicest people I've encountered in the city of Detroit. The place is located near the corner of McNichols directly across McDonalds. The place looks a little run down and the parking lot doesn't look to be the safest place to park, but the interior was nicer than expected. The menu is pretty large and has a huge variety of different soul food menu items (AND Kool-Aid too). The people there were extremely helpful and made it feel like home. Prices are a little higher than average, but they have lots of specials too.

We didn't go that route. Me and my buddies were hungry, so we ordered a full slab of ribs, a whole fried chicken, and got a bunch of sides to go with them. The wait wasn't too long and we had some Iced Teas and some college football to keep us going. When the food came out, they serve it to you in takeout boxes, so it's not the fanciest of places, but I came for food not. Not for asthetics.

The ribs were good. The sauce they put on them was very rich and tangy. It was a little oversauced, but they were very good nonetheless. The fried chicken was great. The breading was too much (which is always the problem with bad fried chicken). The seasoning was good, but could have used more of it. The chicken was good though and there was plenty of it.

As for the sides, the mac and cheese was great. It's not any fancy mac and cheese but its damn good. The BBQ baked beans were fantastic. It was more like chili because it had plenty of meat in it. We also got red beans and rice, but I wasn't a fan. It was almost all beans and no rice. The french fries were incredible because they are cheap and the portion is big. The cornbread was awful though. Hard and stale...good thing we didn't pay for it (it comes with the dinners).

Overall, not a bad place to stop in and get a quick rib or chicken plate. I would come by if you got an itch for some quick Soul food options. Otherwise, it's just A-OK in my book.

3 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Posted by Milton G. on 06/29/2011
Excellent ribs, Mac n cheese, yams, greens was excellent and there kool- aid was very refreshing. The place was very clean and staff was very friendly.
5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Posted Tim H. on 03/12/2010
So, there we were, trying to figure out a good, casual, independently-owned local restaurant to hit up before seeing a Fred and Ginger pic at the old Redford Theatre. After poking around Google maps, we came up with what looked to be a promising soul food stop: Lady Louisa's Place.

Located easily on the south side of McNichols and just west of Greenfield, the former Chinese buffet (the abandoned buffet still sits off to one side of the dining area) location is clean and simply decorated. Judging by the business I saw there, it is considered primarily as a take out destination.

That being said, we enjoyed our semi-private dine in experience. The always enjoyable strains of Stevie Wonder music from the classic adult R & B station was a welcoming portion to our meal.

The food is what you shouldn't eat on a too regular basis because of the richy goodness. It is a treat to be savored. A reward for all the things you sacrificed and put up with throughout your week. This is the very definition of "comfort food"; family-crafted recipes handed down from generations and presented with pride.

The owner and pit master, Rudy Hendrix, a distinguished & friendly gentleman, took the time to talk with us a while. Mr. Hendrix is a sincere man who obviously enjoys what he does, made us feel right at home.

The only problem we had with our visit was a few confusions with our orders that were quickly rectified.

If you are ever in the neighborhood and you want some of the best Memphis-style ribs you will ever have, do yourself a favor and give in to this little slice of heaven on earth.

4 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
  • Posted Dan R. on 05/14/2010
Comfort food: by definition, everyone loves it. Lady Louisa's claims to specialize in it. After trying their ribs, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens, I'm a believer.

The macaroni and cheese was a real-deal, baked cheese-fest. There were well-done edges to the top cheese and creamy love underneath. The collared greens were like a pork stew. The texture of the greens was soft and smooth, obviously made slow and low. They had giant chunks of pork and were surrounded with liquid pork stock. I think I might have let the ribs sit too long because they were a little chewy, but the sauce was decent--smokey and sweet.

It's a comfort food atmosphere, with plenty of seating, classy Detroit art and a very friendly staff. I can't wait to try the shrimp étouffée...
4 Star Review for Lady Louisa! Reviews Rating
This Saturday was my first time at the restaurant. The food was delicious, the service was great and the customer service was superb! I highly recommend the smothered catfish! I'm spreading the word! As the kids say, the food was "Slap Yo Momma" good!5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
I came to Lady Louisa's one day after receiving a recommendation from a couple friends. First, the place was lovely! I walked in and ambiance, music, and friendly faces that were assisting me was like a breath of fresh air! Now..on to the food. The menu was so vast that I just could not decide what I wanted, besides everything! I finally made my decision on the Meatloaf Dinner, which was IMMACULATE. Accompanying my meatloaf I ordered the mac and cheese and collard greens...Oh My Goodness! My husband ordered the smothered turkey chops(I had never heard of these, but when I tasted my husband's I made him get a couple extra!) He decided on the yams and the fried corn. Both meals came with a homemade cornbread that had JIFFY Beat down! I hadn't tasted food so good in a long time! This tasted like some of the food my mother and grandmother used to cook on sunday dinner throughout my childhood. I have to say, the cooks and family that owns that place have really outdone themselves! Great food, Excellent and Friendly Customer Service, and a CLEAN and REPUTABLE establishment, you can't beat it with a stick! Definitely highly recommended! Matter of fact, let me go so I can get there now!3 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
Some of the best food I have ever had. I'm talking "Slap" Yo Momma Good!5 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
I drove from Pontiac to this place. The staff is awesome and food is SUPERB, especially the collard greens, cabbage, cat fish and dressing. Very friendly people and food for the soul. Banana pudding and peach cobbler is to die for. We will certainly be visiting them again in the near future, to try other items when I don't feel like cooking ;-) YOU MUST TRY THIS.

4 Star Review for Lady Louisa!
The barbecued short ribs were cooked to perfection, falling off of the bone, possibly the best my palate has ever enjoyed. The macaroni was full of cheese and with considerable quality. The collard greens are excellent.

We will return soon. The peach cobbler was good.
The yams and collard greens were all cooked tremendously well and tasted excellent.
4 Star Review for Lady Louisa!


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